Fruit machines

how it works:

otrząsarki service shall consist of the grip of the screen on the ground, under the crown of the tree trunk Shaker capturing and entering the tree in the vibrations that cause detachment of the fruit from the stalks and fall on a striped prehensile screen.

Harvesting using otrząsarki sufficient four to six persons.

Shaker is mounted on the tractor three-point linkage class 0.6 - 0.9 t.

fruit shaker OTW 1

stone fruit harvesting

  • cherries
  • cherries
  • plum
  • apples intended for processing


  • length: 4 330 mm
  • width: 830 mm
  • height: 1 700 mm
  • the accuracy of the set: more than 90 %
  • weight: 280 kg


  • row spacing of trees: 4x6 m
  • spacing of trees in rows: 2,5x3m
  • crown diameter max. 4 m
  • trunk height : min. 0.7 m

photo gallery: fruit shaker OTW 1