Fruit machines

how it works:

Combine equipped with a shaker that by vibrations precipitate fruit on a special conveyor on which they are blown away leaves and fruits go to the mailbox or skrzynio - pallets.

An additional feature of this machine are among skrzynio forks hydraulically - pallets that greatly facilitate collection.

Besides on request also install torsion shaft hydraulically controlled, and when tripping the combine and offer a torsion axle as standard.

Hydraulically operated forks significantly improve harvesting and reduce labor expenses by as the set becomes more cost-effective and efficient.

Half- harvester

Harvesting currants, gooseberries, black chokeberry

The use of the harvester offers many advantages such as :

  • simplified collection
  • reduction in labor input
  • shortening the time of harvest
  • optimal use of the deadlines set
  • odszypułkowanie fruit


  • Transport length : 4 800 mm
  • Working length : 5 800 mm
  • width: 2 350 mm
  • height: 2 100 mm
  • Working tractor drive : cl. 6 kN
  • the accuracy of the set : more than 90%
  • Working Drive : hydraulic
  • weight: 1 600 kg
  • two shaker with the possibility of changes in the work of one shaker

photo gallery: Half- harvester

video gallery: Half- harvester